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CCPS Vol. 3 No. 3

Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal Vol.3, No. 3, December 2017


Pages: 1001 -  1472



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Cover & Notes for Contributors

Boards, Contents & Contributor


In fond memory of Arif Dirlik (1940 – 2017), our dear friend,

colleague, contributor and advisory board member


Rebecca E. Karl, “In Memoriam: Arif Dirlik (1940-2017)







Global Dominance and World Power Rivalry


Solomon I. Cohen, "The New Normal in Russia and China: Between Past Embedded Structures and Future Global Dominance"


Fu-Lai Tony Yu, "Neo-Mercantilist Policy and China’s Rise as a Global Power"


Jinghao Zhou, "Are the Conflicts between the U.S. and China Manageable?"


S.Y.Surendra Kumar, "China’s Strategic Engagement with Sri Lanka: Implications for India"


Reymund B. Flores, "The Tale of the Dragon and the Elephant: A Review on the Implications of Sino-Indian Border Disputes to Political Order in Asia"



Global Footprint and International Recognition


Tina S.Clemente, "The Economic Dimension in China’s Foreign Relations:  Reflections for China Studies in the Philippines"


Gold Kafilah Lola, Rajah Rasiah, Kwek Kian Teng, Murtala Muhammad and Yusuf Hammed Agboola"China’s Aid and Oil-for-Infrastructure in Nigeria: Resource-Driven or Development Motive?"


Roy Anthony Rogers and Nur Rafeeda Daut, "China in the First World War: A Forgotten Army in Search of International Recognition"



Perspective on Taiwan and Cross-Strait Relations


Adrian Chi-yeung Chiu and Kam-yee Law, "Comparing the Cross-Strait Economic Policies of KMT and DPP ,2008-2016: Implications for the Future Politics of Taiwan"


Sebastian Hambach, "Making Cross-Strait Relations: A Constructivist View"


Su-mei Sung, "The Universities Become More while Students Are Getting Less? A System Analysis of the Taiwanese Higher Education Crisis"



Chinese in Southeast Asia – Research Notes


Hara Fujio"Malayan Chinese Who Were Deported to China"


Melodina S. Cruz, "An Exploration of Chineseness in Mindanao, Philippines: The Case of Zamboanga City"


Emile Kok-Kheng Yeoh, “Postscript”


Book Review 


Judith Shapiro (2016), China’s Environmental Challenges, 2nd edition, 

reviewed by Zhang Yemo






































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