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CCPS Vol. 1 No. 2

Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An International Journal Vol. 1, No. 2, August 2015

Special Issue – Crossing the Chinese Frontier: Nation, Community, Identity and Mobility





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Emile Kok-Kheng YEOH, “Crossing the Chinese Frontier, Interpreting the Chinese Nation: The Shifting Nexus of Community, Identity and Population Mobility”

Migration and National Identity Transformation


Olga Yurievna ADAMS, “Migration Patterns between the Russian Far East and China’s Northeast : Lessons from Experience and Plans for the Future”

Emile Kok-Kheng YEOH, “From Dungans to Xinyimin: China, Chinese Migration and the Changing Sociopolitical Fabric of Central Asian Republics”

Aliya Sartbayeva PELEO, ““Kazakhstani” Identity, Eurasian Regionalism and Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Biopolitics of Forced Migration, Modernity and Multilateralism”

KANG Xiaoli, “Ethnic Chinese Remigration from Southeast Asian Countries since1960s: A Case Study of Malaysian Chinese Outflows”

Public Policy, Societal Outlook and Community Development


Tzu-Ting HUANG, “Media Representation of Taiwan’s New Female Immigrants in Documentaries”

Chunlei HUANG, “Mixed Supply Model of Public Service Provision in “Village to Residence” Community: An Empirical Case Study in Jinan”

Andi KAO, “Indigenous Communities and Cross-Strait Rapprochement: A Case Study of Chun-ri and Shih-wen”

National Identity and Evolvement of Strategic Relations


Ching CHANG, “Taiwan’s Security Calculus of Cross-Strait Migration”

Xiaohua MA, “China, Japan, and the United States in World War II: The Relinquishment of Unequal Treaties in 1943”

Hai-Tao TSAO, Cheng-Chang LU  and Ryh-Song YEH, “China’s Outward FDI in Africa: Enterprises with Different Ownership Types”

 Book Review


Li Peilin and Laurence Rouklleau-Berger, China’s Internal and International Migration (2013) reviewed by NG Sor Tho

Tom Miller, China’s Urban Billion: The Story behind the Biggest Migration in Human History (2012) reviewed by ZHANG Yemo




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